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Family seat of the prince of Liechtenstein
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In February the Liechtenstein Castle can only be visited with prenotation!

advent at Liechtenstein Castle

Experience impressive athmosphere, precious moments of conciousness in the advent and traditionall advent songs at the Liechtenstein Castle.


St. Nikolaus donates presents
   Saturday, December 6th, 5 pm
contemplative tour
   Sunday, December 21st, 3 pm
New Year's Eve
   Wednesday, December 31st, 11:30 pm

Verlag St. Peter

Burg Liechtenstein ist ein geprüftes Tourismusziel auf Niederösterreicher Guide 3D





NO DRONES ! due to current occasion. Click here to read more


Drones flying over Liechtenstein Castle

Unfortunately there were some displeasing occasions in the past due to flying drones respectively their owners. So we have to let you know the following:

The Liechtenstein Castle is private property and in private use so there's an overflight ban! Audio and video recordings are, also in the air, regulated by the domestic data protection law.

We point out that drone recordings, which are published without the express permission of the Liechtenstein Castle Betriebs GmbH, will be prosecuted accordingly.

Please respect the privacy!


Permits for flights drones are always necessary, if not exclusively "for the purpose of the flight" performed. Once a drone is equipped with a camera and recordings are made, there is a licensing requirement. This applies also for private purposes in its own grounds for taking pictures from the air. Generally it can be assumed that carrying a camera for the purpose of photography or video recording fees to AUSTRO CONTROL become due. The heavier a drone and the denser the of use has been populated, the more extensive are the requirements for a grant by AUSTRO CONTROL. At the same time, the Data Protection Act 2000 in the current version is of the application.


In February the Liechtenstein Castle can only be visited with prenotation!


The Liechtenstein Castle, situated on the southern edge of the Vienna Woods, family seat of the Prince of Liechtenstein, is not a museum in the traditional sense, but a while steeped in history, but also very lively place, which annually attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. In addition to substantial parts of the Romanesque castle from the year 1130 to make numerous pieces of furniture, such as weapons, furniture and beamed ceiling, reliefs and the chapel, as well as one of the most beautiful views over Vienna, the castle, to a year-round attractive cultural institution. The present castle was built in 19th Century restored house of Liechtenstein and is still located in their property. She served nearly 200 years (1130-1295) as a temporary residence of the family, and embodies a family history 900 years. Moreover, it has in the last decades of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th century served as a museum of the Castle family.

Finally, it is also a unique setting that inspired many artists for centuries and inspired. In this spirit, we invite you to discover the landmarks of the Vienna Woods and his wide range of guided tours on a private visit for themselves.


Already in the 19th Century guides were already offered by the Lichtenstein Castle in Maria Grossenzersdorf. This over 100 year old tradition is the cornerstone of today's guided tours of the castle rooms. Unlike before today can however most of the year, the castle can be visited and the doors are open to all curious.

The castle administration would like to continue this tradition and invite you cordially to the castle so that a Liechtenstein. Experience the history of the Princely House of Liechtenstein and the. Fortress of the castle in one of our tours or in a thematic tour Our offer is one of the most diverse on all castles in Austria.


We look forward to your visit!

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