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Family seat of the prince of Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein Castle

Up to date

The Liechtenstein Castle is currently closed.

advent at Liechtenstein Castle

Experience impressive athmosphere, precious moments of conciousness in the advent and traditionall advent songs at the Liechtenstein Castle.


St. Nikolaus donates presents
   Saturday, December 6th, 5 pm
contemplative tour
   Sunday, December 21st, 3 pm
New Year's Eve
   Wednesday, December 31st, 11:30 pm

Verlag St. Peter

Burg Liechtenstein ist ein geprüftes Tourismusziel auf Niederösterreicher Guide 3D




Up to date

The Liechtenstein Castle is currently closed.


"Scottish Tattoo" - last post at Liechtenstein Castle

At some days during the year a "Scottish Tattoo" takes place at the Liechtenstein Castle at the end of the day. At 5 pm our "Scottish Piper" Alexander Benisch beats a "Scottish Tattoo" from the top of the Liechtenstein Castle.

Dates 2014

Friday, April 25th 5 pm Friday, July 25th 5 pm
Friday, May 30th 5 pm Friday, August 29th 5 pm
Friday, June 27th 5 pm Friday, September 26th 5 pm