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Family seat of the prince of Liechtenstein
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The Liechtenstein Castle is currently closed.

advent at Liechtenstein Castle

Experience impressive athmosphere, precious moments of conciousness in the advent and traditionall advent songs at the Liechtenstein Castle.


St. Nikolaus donates presents
   Saturday, December 6th, 5 pm
contemplative tour
   Sunday, December 21st, 3 pm
New Year's Eve
   Wednesday, December 31st, 11:30 pm

Guide prices / Admission

Single ticket per person

Adults: € 9,-  
Children: € 6,-  
Reduced: € 7,-
(Students to 27 y., seniors from 60 y., soldiers, pupils from 16 to 19 y., apprentices - only with ID)

please find » more discounts here.

Family tickets

family ticket A: € 25,-
(2 adults + up to 3 children)
family ticket B: € 19,-
(1 adult + up to 2 children)

Groups from 15 people by appointment only

per adult: € 7,-
per senior from 60 y.: € 6,50

regular guidance for kindergarten / schools

Groups of children under 6 years, children from 6 years to 17 years and students:

per child: € 5,-

Please see our offer for kindergartens / schools.


Single card for special tours per person

Night tour € 15,-
per person
Pleasure tour € 20,-
per person
Private tour € 15,-
per person
Art tour € 15,-
per person

The date of the respective theme tours are shown at the respective topics of leadership guides!

Season tickets

A continuous map Liechtenstein Castle is valid from March 1st to December 15th each and includes participation in the tours offered regularly (no special tours) and the castle free entrance to own events (no other events), which are labeled accordingly in the event calendar.

Adults € 30,-  
Reduced € 20,-
(disabled, seniors, children, pupils, students)
Families € 80,-
(2 adults with their own children up to and including 18 years)


Combined tickets

All combination tickets are valid for the whole season.

Liechtenstein Castle - Nature Park Sparbach

Adults € 10,-
Children € 6,-

Liechtenstein Castle - Wilfersdorf Castle

Adults € 10,-  
Family € 20,-
(2 adults incl. 3 children)

For prenotation and information please call +43 / 650 / 680 3901 or write an email to

Buying the admission ticket you accept the house rules of the Liechtenstein Castle. You can find the opening times at the information board. Due to constructional and organizational reasons some rooms or objects cannot be visited

All prices including all legal dues and taxes.
Prices good-till-cancelled. Last edited: January 2015.